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About Us

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U.K.S. Rubber - Oto Unsal

Our company was established in 1969 by the shareholding of Recep TEZCAN and Riıfat TEZCAN under the name of Oto Unsal Kaucuk. Our company started its business life with the manufacturing of the O-rings.

Our company continued its production on parallel to market conditions and developing technology and we have been adding new products (O-rings, Seals and Gaskets) in our product range. In the meantime, we became the supplier of the sectors such as Electric, Electronic, Furniture, Food, Automation, Construction, Agriculture,
Textile, and Automotive by giving special attention to manufacture of the bolted and unbolted vibration parts.

The design and special molds are manufacturing by our own so we are able to manufacture VITON, VMQ, CR, EPDM, SBR, NBR, NR and other type of rubber parts according to our customers special demands. Our
Company name UKS registered by the 2005 and our products has been marketing under this name.

Our Vision

To become a global company by obtaining customers and employee satisfaction together with adopting requirements of all received Quality Management Certificates into production procedures while giving best service with hard working.


Our Mission

To respect society and environment by accepting it most important issue.

  • To pay utmost importance to the quality and trust during all production steps.
  • To provide all products to the market with the best quality and with competitive prices.
  • To provide best circumstances for continuous development of the employees.

Our Values

  • Integrity : To become “ true and honest ” in every conditions.,
  • Quality : To manufacture all products with continuous development strategy by making no concession from the quality. .
  • Speed : To provide products to the customers “just in time” basis while working with team spirit.
  • Satisfaction: To keep customer satisfaction as a number one issue.

Our Basic Quality Policies
To reach specified ratios in the quality targets.
To understand customer needs and demands correctly.
To survey customer satisfaction and to evaluate their all results.
To improve the knowledge and experience of the employees.
To reach determined targets with low costs while improving the service quality.
To evaluate the sources fairly in maximum level.
To find speedy solutions against problems.
To improve machinery infrastructure together with the employment increase.
To make production being aware of to crate additional value for the national economy
To make production being aware of to create additional value for the national economy
To continuously improve product quality standards.
To give particular importance to the customer satisfaction.
To become first global company in the mind if the subject is rubber products
To have fairy management system and acting fairy against everybody and every institution  

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